Custom Trade Show Display Cases

LARGEST SELECTION OF CUSTOM TRADE SHOW DISPLAY CASES! We are well known for designing and manufacturing some pretty special custom trade show display cases in any size, shape or color. We strive More »

Economy line display cases

Last week we launched our new economy line of glass showcases.  We now offer 3 distinct lines of showcases that will fit into any budget. Our most popular line is still our More »

Free Standing Showcases – LARGEST SELECTION

At Custom Showcases we are well known for our huge line of sub-designs for every category of display cases you can think off.  This means that we are able to think of More »

Custom Made Jewelry Display Cases

At Custom Showcases we are very well known for designing and manufacturing of custom made jewelry display cases.  Our jewelry cases are well known in the USA and Canada and our company More »

More Space at our LAREDO factory location

This is to inform our customers that we have added an additional 1500 square meters to our factory in Laredo Texas.  In the last 6 months we have seen a steady up More »

Glass Showcases for Exhibits / Trade Shows

We know you are always looking for quality at the best possible price and we are your best option to achieve that goal.  We literally have all the possible glass display case designs you can possibly imagine and designs you have not even had time to think about.  Our selection of high quality display cabinets includes our wall display cases that are probably the most popular / common designs.  Additional lines of glass showcases such as suspended and wall mounted display cases are a very close 2nd in line.

Glass Showcases

Wall Upright Display Cases made to perfection

Jewelry Glass Showcases

Hexagonal cut diamonds are exclusive for some jewelry stores and are always manufactured to the highest standards in quality the same as we design and build our lines of glass showcases.    It is our job to build glass display cases that make your jewelry simply look incredible.  When visiting our website click on the product gallery link from which you can request several catalogs to be emailed to you.

Our glass showcases are build to a 1mm tolerance which means perfection from top to bottom.

Jewelry Showcases

An amazing line of glass jewelry display cabinets made in LA California and Phoenix Arizona.



Ask for a copy of our 2018 museum quality display cases and receive a 15% discount on the purchase of 2 or more glass display cases.  All categories are subject to this 15% discount and this special is available until the end of February.

Museum Display Cases

Museum Display Cases

Affordable Display Cases – BIG Discounts

Dear Customers

Custom Showcases for the month of January and February is offering VERY big discounts on the purchase of 2 or more display cases from our classic and standard line catalogs.

These discounts apply to our tower showcases, counter showcases, museum showcases, wall mounted cabinets, portable cases, wall upright display cabinets and our suspended line of glass showcases.

For more information please contact Joe or Enedina and ask for the latest copies of our standard and classic line catalogs.

Cheap Showcases

Affordable display cases made right here in Canada and the USA.

Large Glass Display Cases for Costumes – Uniforms

Our large Glass Display Cases are also great to display costumes which are ideal for showing military uniforms and costumes with great historical value such as uniforms for the Military, Red Cross, Racing etc. These large display cabinets are shipped assembled which means no head aces upon arrival for your customers because assembly is minimal.

Large Display Cabinets

Large Glass Showcases


Mannequin Showcases – AMC Movie Theatres in San Diego California

Over the last 5 years our company has become very famous for building some incredible and very large mannequin showcases for the movie industry to display costumes and props that were used in the movies they made.

These cases are essential in protecting these very valuable items and a well build mannequin showcase does just that.

Mannequin Showcases for the movie industry

Large Mannequin Showcases


Have you ever thought of a whole different concept for a display like if it was flying? That idea sounds kind of futuristic or even impossible, isn’t it?  Mango took a chance and wanted to provide a different concept for displaying their clothing line in our suspended display cases.

Together with us, we designed a special suspended display case for their shoe line which is used for their exclusive store locations in San Francisco.

When you want to do something original and find a different way to display your products, please give us a call and you will not be disappointed.

Suspended Display Cases

Suspended Display Cases for displaying clothing.


Cars are such expensive goods we cannot buy the first one we see. That is why Ford thought about new forms and innovations to attract new customers and encourage actual ones to keep continue being part of the Ford family.

A whole experience to buy a car should be built since the moment you enter the agency until the moment you leave with your new car. We help Ford friends in Chicago, Il with a new counter display case were customers are received.

Provide you clients with an experience like Ford does with one of our showcases!

Counter Showcase

Counter Display Case

Custom Trade Show Display Cases


We are well known for designing and manufacturing some pretty special custom trade show display cases in any size, shape or color.

We strive to have manufacturing and delivery time lines of about 3 to 4 weeks and this is something we are very proud to maintain.

Below are a few photo’s of costume and trade show display cases we have manufactured recently and over the next few days we will publish more articles with photo’s of the work we have done.


The Management

Costume Showcases

Custom Trade Show Display Cases





Jewelry Display Cases

Look no further if you are in need for some high quality jewelry display cases for your business.  Our quality and pricing is unmatched by our competition and therefore we are one of the largest of glass display cases on the planet.

Counter Display Cases for Jewelry

Jewelry Display Cases