Custom Trade Show Display Cases

LARGEST SELECTION OF CUSTOM TRADE SHOW DISPLAY CASES! We are well known for designing and manufacturing some pretty special custom trade show display cases in any size, shape or color. We strive More »

Economy line display cases

Last week we launched our new economy line of glass showcases.  We now offer 3 distinct lines of showcases that will fit into any budget. Our most popular line is still our More »

Free Standing Showcases – LARGEST SELECTION

At Custom Showcases we are well known for our huge line of sub-designs for every category of display cases you can think off.  This means that we are able to think of More »

Custom Made Jewelry Display Cases

At Custom Showcases we are very well known for designing and manufacturing of custom made jewelry display cases.  Our jewelry cases are well known in the USA and Canada and our company More »

More Space at our LAREDO factory location

This is to inform our customers that we have added an additional 1500 square meters to our factory in Laredo Texas.  In the last 6 months we have seen a steady up More »

Office Counters

Office Counters

Have a good office counter in the reception of the office is very important. It is the first impression of anyone who enters the offices. Therefore, it is necessary to pay special attention to the design and functionality of the counter chosen. Office counters must meet several requirements to become the ideal office counter. Here we present some tips to choose your counter correctly.


The reception counter must have an impeccable appearance. The first impression is very important so that the client feels comfortable . You should draw attention to the other reception furniture to make it clear that this is where you will be served. It is also important that the counter reflects   the philosophy of the office, so depending on whether the decor is modern, the counter must be modern .


Many times the reception is only occupied by one person, so a small size office counter is usually enough. Now, if there are more workers in that reception the counter must also be bigger so that everyone has their space. In addition, it gives a more careful appearance of the place .


Normally reception only serves to receive customers. However, many times the projects or budgets are made from the same desk, so it is necessary a wide space for our advisers to perform these tasks correctly. A place for a computer, a telephone, a cash register and even a storage area are very useful in these cases.

Contact us to have personalized advice on office counters. We have the best specialists in design and manufacturing. Do you want to buy an office counter? Call us, we have the best prices: (866) 980 4272


When looking to have new display cases made for your customer or yourself, it is always nice to browse the many websites and blogs online that can give you tons of ideas.  One such company is called which truly has done some very nice work these last few years.  This company focuses on the manufacturing of glass display cases that are not made by other companies and it really tries to focus on niche related glass display case designs.




“We need a kiosk for jewelry and we already have a design, can you take a look at it?”. Every now and then we get such a request and mostly in the jewelry area like for rings, necklaces and watches. It was a good thing that we looked at it for there was a major flaw in the design. The design stated glass counters with 2 layers; a shelf at the top and a sliding bottom part with pagoda style presentation inserts for necklaces. The design was in such a way that parts of the bottom section, in 2 places, were not able to slide out. We saw, we discussed and we resolved that flaw while maintaining the elegance of the design. That’s the skill and advantage of custom builders. We quoted a price and the deal was done. The jewelry kiosk is up next in production and we will ship in 3 weeks to Des Moins, Iowa. So in need of a kiosk for rings, necklaces or watches? Call us, we will make it work.

Jewelry Retail Kiosks

Jewelry Mall Kiosks


We are all about USA. We breath it, support it, and most of all we love it. Here at CUSTOM SHOWCASES our designers and builders are truly unique and gifted artists right here in the great United States of America. Our purpose driven mission is to put our country first and therefore we strive to use only products made in the USA in all of our glass showcases. Our glass display cases can be see in every single state in the USA and in every province in Canada and we are proud to participate in creating unforgettable retail environment experiences.

Wall Upright Display Cabinets

Wall Upright Showcases

Jewelry Kiosks

As of next month, women in San Jose California, will even look their best when running or in the gym. We can imagine your surprise as were we when we were contacted by the owner of Athletic jewelry to build a brand new Jewelry Kiosks using natural and environmentally friendly materials. Looking good during your workout will be possible like never before.


Beating the competition takes a good plan, the right mindset and a unique look to attract the customer. With a custom designed and build kiosk, you most certainly stand out compared to the mass manufactured models from across the sea. Call us and together we will create your unique sales proposal that dwarfs the competition.

Glass Showcases for Exhibits / Trade Shows

We know you are always looking for quality at the best possible price and we are your best option to achieve that goal.  We literally have all the possible glass display case designs you can possibly imagine and designs you have not even had time to think about.  Our selection of high quality display cabinets includes our wall display cases that are probably the most popular / common designs.  Additional lines of glass showcases such as suspended and wall mounted display cases are a very close 2nd in line.

Glass Showcases

Wall Upright Display Cases made to perfection

Jewelry Glass Showcases

Hexagonal cut diamonds are exclusive for some jewelry stores and are always manufactured to the highest standards in quality the same as we design and build our lines of glass showcases.    It is our job to build glass display cases that make your jewelry simply look incredible.  When visiting our website click on the product gallery link from which you can request several catalogs to be emailed to you.

Our glass showcases are build to a 1mm tolerance which means perfection from top to bottom.

Jewelry Showcases

An amazing line of glass jewelry display cabinets made in LA California and Phoenix Arizona.



Ask for a copy of our 2018 museum quality display cases and receive a 15% discount on the purchase of 2 or more glass display cases.  All categories are subject to this 15% discount and this special is available until the end of February.

Museum Display Cases

Museum Display Cases

Affordable Display Cases – BIG Discounts

Dear Customers

Custom Showcases for the month of January and February is offering VERY big discounts on the purchase of 2 or more display cases from our classic and standard line catalogs.

These discounts apply to our tower showcases, counter showcases, museum showcases, wall mounted cabinets, portable cases, wall upright display cabinets and our suspended line of glass showcases.

For more information please contact Joe or Enedina and ask for the latest copies of our standard and classic line catalogs.

Cheap Showcases

Affordable display cases made right here in Canada and the USA.