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Trade Show Booths – Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Trade Show Booths – Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Trade shows are a huge part of public relations for any size company. They are one of the few opportunities we get for in-person meetings with potential clients – so much marketing and branding these days happens on the web and the phone. An opportunity to meet a client in person is a valuable chance to create a relationship and make a good impression.
For this reason, it is important to make sure the time and money you put into trade shows and your trade show exhibits are well spent, effective, and not wasted on mistakes. Let me offer you a few DON’Ts to try to help you leverage your trade show investments for the best possible ROI.
Bigger Isn’t Always Better
The common mistake of trying to impress would-be clients with the size of your trade show booth space is one of the worst trade show mistakes one could make. Spending money and renting more floor space to simulate your office environment is just a huge waste.
What is important is integrity, honesty, and personability – be sure to bring those with you! Big spaces and great looking trade show displays can be very effective if used wisely, but “big” always costs more, so be sure it is the best use of your marketing dollars.
It’s Bad Not To Have Goals
When asked to state your goal for the trade show, I hope your answer is a little more substantial than “get more sales.” The trade show circuit should be just one facet of your total marketing plan. You are there to showcase your business’s human element, and it should be used as one of many tools to better serve your clients’ needs and desires.
Keep It Simple
Keep your graphics and text on your trade show displays simple and to the point. A cluttered confusing mess communicates exactly that – a cluttered confusing message. You want potential clients to meet with you and then leave with a sense of confidence in you and your organization, with a solid understanding of what you can do for them. You don’t want them to run away screaming and have night terrors – or make jokes – about your bad graphics decisions.
Giveaways or Throwaways
“Shwag” and baubles are fine, but they should be relevant to your company’s offerings and remind people of your company when they use your little gifts. Drug companies giving away pens that look like syringes is clever; software companies giving away mouse pads is clever and useful; data analysis company giving away combs, that’s just dumb. Again, be the one they remember for having promotional giveaways that are cool and relevant – not something dumb.
Staff Needs To Be Trained
Trade shows are a big deal, and some of your most important clients and accounts will definitely make an appearance at them. Your booth staff should be your best sales and PR people – this is not a practice field, it is the big leagues, and your stars should be on the field. This is critical – having a couple of bad apples at the show can completely derail all of the other things you did right…
If you do not have staff and resort to hiring temp staff, this is okay too. If you have pretty simple and straightforward products or rely more on looks rather than complex technical details, then temp staff may work out just fine. Just make sure you learn how to hire the best temp staff for your next trade show.
Don’t Drop The Ball
Yes, another sports analogy, sorry, but it’s true. After you contact potential clients and gather a lead, you must follow up on that lead right after the trade show has ended. After all, it doesn’t mean anything until those deals are sealed, and your bottom line gets fatter.
Wait a few days after the trade show to send out a follow-up email. This will give your leads the time to get back home if they traveled, settle back in, and give some serious thought to everything they learned and experienced at the trade show.
Keep It Clean
You and your company have spent a lot of time, money, and effort to attend the trade shows; don’t screw it up by not sprucing up. You want your trade show displays, tables, and general area to be as clean and well stocked on the last day, just like it all looked on the first day of the show. A little daily house cleaning can make a huge impression and a big difference.
Party Until You Get A Lead
Parties and socializing are part of the trade shows off-hours activities. Don’t let the idea of an after-work drink fool you. You are still at work and should be working. The social element of trade shows can help you to meet new colleagues and schmooze old ones. Just keep the party aspect in check and remember, while at the show, you are working 24/7.
For more, check when renting a booth is best or how to create stunning trade show booths.
The Right Trade Show Booth Ideas Attract Visitors and Generate Leads
It is important to understand that the best trade show booth ideas attract visitors and help you achieve your trade show goals and objectives. Every aspect of your booth plays a role in this, from the booth design to your product demo and everything in between.
Here are a few more trade show booth ideas to attract visitors to your exhibition.
Social Media
Marketing on and leveraging social media is beneficial for any size business. Promote the trade show and your brand ahead of the trade show, keep each attendee up to date with what is going on, and offer a social media wall or photo booth where each attendee can take a photo and upload and share it on their social media platforms. It will also boost brand recognition.
Prize Wheel
We discussed the importance of having good quality giveaways and promotional products. So, why not make the giveaway process a bit more interactive and engaging by introducing a prize wheel? Let booth visitors spin the wheel and earn their prize.
Virtual Reality
To make it even more immersive, introduce virtual reality or augmented reality to your exhibition stand. This will get booth visitors and allow you to showcase your products. A product demo is a great way to utilize virtual reality in your exhibition booth. It will also definitely increase brand awareness and keep your company name in the mind of each potential client.
This was just a small sampling of what you can do in your exhibition booth to attract visitors and spread brand awareness. No matter what you choose to do, make sure everything is done with purpose. For more information on display design, contact us at American-Image today. We have everything you need to create a memorable booth design to attract your target audience.

Creating Content For Your Cannabis Drinks Brand

The pandemic is pausing a lot of things in our brands, but what we can still do is create effective content for our audience. Here’s how.
The country is slowly going on lockdown, one state after another – and people are very actively following social distancing due to the Covid-19 outbreak. As of now, this is affecting a lot of brands as production is lowering, sales are lowering, and there isn’t really much a brand can do at their workplace right now.
However, as a brand, gaining visibility is one of the most important things in this day and age. Digital visibility is what builds brands – and during this time, when there isn’t anything else you can do with your brand, you can focus on building visibility for your brand.
One of the best ways to gain visibility for your brand is by providing your audience top-quality content to engage them with so that your brand is radiated into them and the next time they’re shopping for a canna-bev, they go ‘yes, this is the brand I want to try’.
Yes, we know creating content can be tough, but that’s what we’re here to help you with. Let’s get into the content train and take a trip on how to create effective content for your cannabis drinks brand.
1. Define your audience
Before you go ahead and create any sort of content, you need to know who your audience is. Who are you selling your cannabis drinks to? Are you targeting a younger generation? Or are you going for the more middle-aged group? It’s important to know your target audience because your content is going to be based around that.
Think about it this way, if you’re targeting a drinker between the ages of 21-30, and you create a video about something to do with the 70s, then they definitely aren’t going to relate. Similarly, if you have an older audience and you create content around a TV show that they probably won’t watch, then your content is going to be of waste as well.
So, the best thing to do is first think of your audience. Who do you want drinking your cannabis beverages? Who is going to be drinking it? And why are they going to be drinking it? This way, you’ll know exactly who to create content for.
• Differentiate your brand
As a brand, to grab an audience, you need to stand out. The only way you’re going to stand out in front of your audience is if you’re offering them something different from other brands out there – especially your competitors.
Your customers don’t want the same Simpsons meme that every second cannabis beverage brand is probably creating. Give them something different. Why is your product different? And how are you going to offer your customers something completely different from other brands? That’s what will catch their eye, and that’s how you will gain visibility – and in turn, higher sales as well.
You want people not only to recognize you, but also remember you – and differentiating yourself from other brands is what is going to help with that.
• Making a mark in the consumer’s eyes
There’s a lot of content going around on the internet, so how are you going to make sure that your content is drilled into your customer’s eyes and mind? How are you going to make sure that they remember your brand out of the hundred posts they saw on social media today?
Show your audience who you are, over and over again, but in different ways. Talk about your products in different ways, you can do podcasts, or product reviews. Tell your brand’s story to your audience. Customers usually relate to a brand through their story. Talk about solutions that your brand can offer. All in all, make your brand prominent in front of the consumer.
In the end, it all boils down to, what can you do to make sure your consumers remember you? Is there something in your logo that is going to stand out? Or is it your messaging?
Here’s how you can make a mark:
Podcasts – people are constantly listening to podcasts right now. Create a podcast for your brand where you tell your story, talk about your cannabis beverages, and engage with your audience. You can even do a q&a on your podcast with your audience.
Blogs – use blogs to leverage traction on your website. Make sure you have a website! Write about your products, do interviews with different people in your brands. You can also write blogs about people talking about your cannabis beverages. Share your success stories. This will make people trust your brand a little more.
Online tastings and reviews – Do an online tasting. Not everyone can come out and taste your beverages due to the pandemic, so do it for them – or get an influencer to do it for you. People listen to influencers and do what they are doing. Taste your drinks in a video, tell your audience how the drink tastes, tell them what they can eat with it, how much they can drink, and how they can drink it. This will make them eager to try out your cannabis beverages.
Infographics – develop infographics about your products, how to drink, what to drink it with. Information is something that customers are always looking for.
• Invest in promoting your content
You’re creating valuable content alright, but if no one is going to see it, then what’s the point?
When you create your content, whether it’s blogs, videos, or anything else, you need to go the extra mile to make sure others can see it.
Allocate a budget for promoting your content on social media. For most people, social media has become a way of life, and if they see your content on their feeds constantly, it’s going to drill into their minds pretty well. So run ads and boosts on social media so people can see your brand.

Glass custom showcases for business

Glass custom showcases are ideal for miscellaneous businesses or home collections. This type of showcases have a reinforced glass and their bases can be made of aluminum or wood laminated.

They are perfect for hanging on the wall, however, they look much better when we have them on the floor and there is a collection on it. The glass is transparent and usually looks very elegant. One advantage is that when it is on the wall it saves a lot of space on the floor. Glass showcases are also a great choice when it comes to exhibitions and shops. In stores the dynamics do not change much, it is a matter of accommodating a single theme in this showcase.

They tend to be compared to aluminum showcases, however, they are more spacious. Their designs vary and you determine them. As with other showcases, you can always give us designs to fulfill your wishes.

Costume Showcases

Glass custom showcases

Fabulous showcases in all the USA and Canada

Backlit Wall Display Cases

Fabulous showcases. No matter what kind of business you have, if you are looking for an amazing showcase, you are in the right place. At Custom Showcases Inc. we have been showcasing for more than three decades. Our experience in the design and manufacture of showcases, has placed us as one of the most reliable companies in online sales. We have a wide catalog of clients ranging from schools and universities, to transnational and global companies. More than 500 companies throughout the United States and Canada support us. We can mention Mercedes-Benz, T-Mobile, Virgin, Coach, among others. Come to our assistants and let us guide you in the selection of your next showcase. We have the largest selection of showcases on the internet: tower showcases, counter shocases, corner showcases, wall mounted showcases, wall upright showcases, suspended showcases, pedestal showcases, hexagonal showcases and octagonal showcases. Contact us, you will not regret it.

Museum showcases

Museum Showcases

Museum display cases. The industry of exhibitions and museums is one of those that requires the constant renewal of showcases. In Custom Showcases we have integrated a line of museum showcases gathering different types of showcases according to the type of exhibition. In this way we can talk about pedestal showcases of museums that are an excellent alternative to exhibit small objects individually. We also have museum display cabinets in which you can enter complete collections of archaeological, natural or anthropological pieces. Our museum wall cabinets are ideal for displaying large pieces, clothing and clothing on mannequins. These showcases can be quadrangular, hexagonal or octagonal, each with a unique touch.

At Custom Showcases we are confident that we have the best museum showcases for your project. If you would like more information or a quote, please contact our assistants.

Mannequin Showcases for Stores

Mannequin Showcases

In Custom Showcases we make mannequin showcases. These showcases are ideal for displaying mannequins with costumes and clothing that need to be protected from human contact. Historical clothing or movie costumes. Our mannequin showcases come in a wide variety of different designs and sizes. We have manufactured and shipped display cases up to 192 “wide and 100” high.

This massive showcase was built and packed in our factory from which it was shipped to its final destination: Washington DC. In that particular case, a team of specialists in the installation participated. These exhibition contractors specialize in the configuration of showcase projects for fairs throughout the United States.

If you have a project and you need a showcase manufacturer, call us, we are ready to help you.

Packing and crating

Packing and Crating Showcases

At Custom Showcases we know how important your investment is. That is why we protect all our showcases and displays with packing and crating of the best quality.

Our custom showcases, retail merchandise units, carts, kiosks and any other display of our inventory is very well protected by a strong and durable packaging. Throughout more than 25 years of experience we have designed and tested different types of shipments for our products. We have always worked with reliable and responsible companies guaranteeing shipments in the established times. Added to this, we can say that our packaging is almost perfect, and does not allow damage even in fragile pieces such as glass. It is extremely rare that any damage occurs in our shipments.

Your Showcases are in good hands

99% of our shipments have reached their final destination without any damage. All of them have arrived in the same conditions that were collected in our factories.

You can rest assured that your showcase will reach your destination in perfect condition.

If you have any doubts about our packing method, feel free to send us an email or call us at our toll-free number.

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Increase your sales using showcases

Mannequin Display Showcases for museums

The Visual Merchandising is the set of exhibition techniques to make a point of sale more attractive and thus have an impact on sales. These are some recommendations to make the exhibition much more attractive by using the showcases in a way that increases sales.

The first thing to keep in mind is that each type of costumer is different, so the decoration and setting should go in line with the characteristics of this costumer. It must be consistent with the perceptions of the target group.

The effect of the senses

Remember that we perceive with the five senses and decisions are based on interpreted experiences.

The view It is the most developed and acute sense. The level of luminosity attracts or distracts; the intensity and color of the light enhance and welcome the products. It has been proven that the general tendency is to turn to the right. The sight usually goes to the space between the waist and the eyes. Cleaning in space is a fundamental requirement.

The ear. It is intended that music and decibels generate a welcoming, stimulating and attractive to the client, so that they stay as long as possible. There must be a direct relationship between the brand, the product and the music.

The sense of smell. It is the first reminder of memories. Once the fragrance has been defined for the brand, it must always be the same to achieve the remembrance-relationship effect. The smell accentuates the positioning of the brand.

The touch. The desire for contact is our first impulse to confirm an expected reality; the sensation of softness, or contrary, is only verified when touching. Allow and invite customers to touch and emotionally connect with the product.

Taste. Remembrance or distraction through flavors can be tools of distinction and differentiation. The tasting during or at the closing of the sale may be a hallmark of differentiation and lead to an easy remembrance experience.


The primary stimulus that is achieved in the showcase is very difficult to modify inside the establishment. It must have enough light and attract attention.

Do not saturate. Chaos and visual pollution do not communicate, distract and confuse. They do not attract, they do not communicate, they do not sell. The showcase is the title of a story, the complete story is inside the store. The showcases are a support for the communication of the season or theme that is working.

If you need more information that is most suitable for your store, call us, our assitants will help you.