Office Counters

Have a good office counter in the reception of the office is very important. It is the first impression of anyone who enters the offices. Therefore, it is necessary to pay special attention to the design and functionality of the counter chosen. Office counters must meet several requirements to become the ideal office counter. Here we present some tips to choose your counter correctly.


The reception counter must have an impeccable appearance. The first impression is very important so that the client feels comfortable . You should draw attention to the other reception furniture to make it clear that this is where you will be served. It is also important that the counter reflects   the philosophy of the office, so depending on whether the decor is modern, the counter must be modern .


Many times the reception is only occupied by one person, so a small size office counter is usually enough. Now, if there are more workers in that reception the counter must also be bigger so that everyone has their space. In addition, it gives a more careful appearance of the place .


Normally reception only serves to receive customers. However, many times the projects or budgets are made from the same desk, so it is necessary a wide space for our advisers to perform these tasks correctly. A place for a computer, a telephone, a cash register and even a storage area are very useful in these cases.

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