Library Interiors of Texas

We recently completed these 2 counter showcases for Library Interiors of Texas.  This is a very common design and still one of our best sold counter showcase designs to date! For more information about the largest selection of counter and counter top display showcases please feel free to email or call us! Tom Freeman


Wood veneers are available in a variety of finishes.  The Custom Display Group can also send you sample chips of wood veneers for you to examine and should you need or see a custom laminate of your liking elsewhere, just send us the name of the manufacturer and the item number and we’ll reproduce it. … [Read more…]


NASA, Baylor University, Home Land Security, US Navy and Westfield properties are some of most recent projects we have completed. Our glass showcases are well known in North American to most major companies, universities and government agencies. Our quality standards are unmatched by our competition and this is well known in the industry! Please contact … [Read more…]

Custom Made Glass Showcases & Display Cases

At Custom Showcases & Displays Inc we have turned making glass display cases into a real art form.  For over 30 years we have steadily grown into a medium sized business employing 74 people and with 3 factories in North America.  Our head office and first factory  is located in North York Ontario Canada, our … [Read more…]