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Suspended Showcases in Portland

Suspended Showcases

Suspended showcases. Our suspended showcases are unique for their design that includes poles that fix them to the floor and ceiling. Thanks to this feature, they can be installed on slightly inclined surfaces. They can also be composed of several showcases to display different products. All our cabinets can contain specific areas for storage with locks, display areas with glass shelves (and locks), and accessories such as levelers, LED lighting and additional locks.

You can choose from a variety of more than 500 laminates in solid solids, architectural, metal or wood textures. Each one gives its showcases an elegant appearance and its unique touch. If you want more information contact us, we are waiting for your call.

Glass Showcases for Exhibits / Trade Shows

We know you are always looking for quality at the best possible price and we are your best option to achieve that goal.  We literally have all the possible glass display case designs you can possibly imagine and designs you have not even had time to think about.  Our selection of high quality display cabinets includes our wall display cases that are probably the most popular / common designs.  Additional lines of glass showcases such as suspended and wall mounted display cases are a very close 2nd in line.

Glass Showcases

Wall Upright Display Cases made to perfection


Have you ever thought of a whole different concept for a display like if it was flying? That idea sounds kind of futuristic or even impossible, isn’t it?  Mango took a chance and wanted to provide a different concept for displaying their clothing line in our suspended display cases.

Together with us, we designed a special suspended display case for their shoe line which is used for their exclusive store locations in San Francisco.

When you want to do something original and find a different way to display your products, please give us a call and you will not be disappointed.

Suspended Display Cases

Suspended Display Cases for displaying clothing.