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Exhibit showcases for museums and galleries

The exhibit showcases are used for different purposes. Most of them are held in exhibition halls.

In them it is possible to store all kinds of objects, mannequins and even paintings. With the only purpose of exposing them, the exhibit showcases have diverse tools for their use. They can be from adjusters, to holders that will have above or below to leave suspended an object. There is also the option of vacuum sealing for a permanent gallery. In this way the damage or loss of the object will be avoided.

We have different options but the designs can always be made by you. However, you must know how to choose carefully your finishes or specifications.

Just contact us for more. However, our lines are always open!

exhibit showcase


Jewelry islands

Economy Line Cases

If the store is considerably larger they will set up a few jewelry islands in different sections of the shop. But, don’t exaggerate.

Once installed a jewelry island should allow for the free flow of the traffic within the store. Typical jewelry islands are four sided. However, it’s still an option.

Quarter vision jewelry showcases, sit downs and full vision cases can be combined. To create each of the corners we can manufacture separate three sided corner jewelry showcases.

Square elevated pedestals can be used to form the corners as well. Their width and depth should be the same as the depth of the jewelry cases forming the island.

Jewelry showcase

Museum showcases

Museum Showcases

Museum display cases. The industry of exhibitions and museums is one of those that requires the constant renewal of showcases. In Custom Showcases we have integrated a line of museum showcases gathering different types of showcases according to the type of exhibition. In this way we can talk about pedestal showcases of museums that are an excellent alternative to exhibit small objects individually. We also have museum display cabinets in which you can enter complete collections of archaeological, natural or anthropological pieces. Our museum wall cabinets are ideal for displaying large pieces, clothing and clothing on mannequins. These showcases can be quadrangular, hexagonal or octagonal, each with a unique touch.

At Custom Showcases we are confident that we have the best museum showcases for your project. If you would like more information or a quote, please contact our assistants.