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When looking to have new display cases made for your customer or yourself, it is always nice to browse the many websites and blogs online that can give you tons of ideas.  One such company is called which truly has done some very nice work these last few years.  This company focuses on the manufacturing of glass display cases that are not made by other companies and it really tries to focus on niche related glass display case designs.



Glass Showcases for Exhibits / Trade Shows

We know you are always looking for quality at the best possible price and we are your best option to achieve that goal.  We literally have all the possible glass display case designs you can possibly imagine and designs you have not even had time to think about.  Our selection of high quality display cabinets includes our wall display cases that are probably the most popular / common designs.  Additional lines of glass showcases such as suspended and wall mounted display cases are a very close 2nd in line.

Glass Showcases

Wall Upright Display Cases made to perfection

Large Glass Display Cases for Costumes – Uniforms

Our large Glass Display Cases are also great to display costumes which are ideal for showing military uniforms and costumes with great historical value such as uniforms for the Military, Red Cross, Racing etc. These large display cabinets are shipped assembled which means no head aces upon arrival for your customers because assembly is minimal.

Large Display Cabinets

Large Glass Showcases